Our fearless leaders! Scott and Kellie started the Grand Lake Campout in 2014. Each year they strive to make it a bigger and better event.


Scott & Kellie Smith


Mike and Juli joined the campout team in 2015. Kaylee made her appearance in 2017 and has been part of the team since. 



Mike & Juli McDaniel

(and Kaylee)

Roby has been involved in campout schtuff since the beginning. Over the years his involvement has increased. His loving wife and children support his  need to be helpful.


Roby Sherman

Sarah has wonderfully volunteered more and more of her help in recent years. Everything from printing and crafty things to running the registration table......She makes Vince tag along


Sarah & Vince Berryman

Justin is not only our resident photographer but he is pretty much wherever you need him to be. Making him a vital part of the campout team.

Justin doesn't have a caching name

Justin Norton

Qaz is another volunteer who pretty much helps out wherever you need him to. 


Qaz Ingam

Nicole and her 1,2,3,4,5 (yes 5) sons have moved from Campout participants, to helpful volunteers to full on running the Kids activities. Each year they seem to be more and more involved and it is wonderful to see her boys grow in their serving hearts.


Nicole Carpe