Schedule of Events!

Plan for a weekend full of fun!  Check out this list of activities and events we have planned.  From meals to prizes and everything in between, we are going to have a wonderful time!

Friday July 31st

2:00PM - Gates open and Check-In Begins

We open the gates to the campground at 2:00PM on Friday.  Arrive early to get the best campsites and parking (and the most time to set up your tent)!

5:00PM - "Use Your Geosenses" Activity Begins

Returning once again is a campout favorite - the "Use Your Geosenses" challenge!  Every year the hides get more creative, and the prizes get even better. 

What is the challenge?  Multiple geocaches will be hidden in a specific area of the campground.  Some easy, some hard.  All of them will have one thing in common - NO COORDINATES!  You must rely solely on your geocaching sense and intuition.  The harder the find, the bigger the prize!

5:30PM - Start Campout Bingo

Who in the group has found the most 5/5 geocaches?  Is there anybody that has had their photo featured on a Geocaching facebook page while riding a wild animal?  Does anybody actually own over 1,000TBs?

Mingle with your fellow campers and participants to find the answers to these questions and more!  Once you have found enough campers to fill out your entire bingo card, bring it back to the campground hosts to be entered into a special drawing.  You have until Saturday night to fill it out - good luck!

6:00PM to 8:00PM - Evening Dogs and Brats (and Chips and Drinks)

You've worked hard setting up your campsite, you've searched for some "geosenses" containers, so it is now time to kick back and relax!  Your campground hosts will be cooking up some of the finest dogs and brats, and providing some delicious refreshments.  Grab a plate, have a seat, and mingle with the group!

Don't forget to register (either with a campsite or as a 'daycamper' without a campsite) to enjoy this gourmet meal!

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Saturday August 1st

9:00AM - In Town Breakfast and Coffee!

Historically, Our first satellite event happens on Saturday in the town of Grand Lake!  However, Geocaching HQ changed the rule about multiple events during a campout. The event itself is a simple meet and greet - feel free to swing by and grab coffee and breakfast.

AFTER the official event, we will be handing out sheets to participate in our second annual Grand Lake Scavenger Hunt!  You have all day to complete as much or as little of the scavenger hunt as you want.  Some tasks will be easy (like wearing an official Grand Lake Campout Tee Shirt), and some tasks may be a bit more difficult.  Most importantly, we want you to go out and enjoy your day in the scenic area of the campout. 


Bring the sheets back to the campground before the Camp Cookoff for a chance at winning some fantastic prizes!

10:30 AM - Lucky 7 Poker Chip Run

Catchy poker chip run description

4:00PM to 5:30PM - Camp Cookoff!!! (Meals ready by 5:30PM)

Are you a master chef when it comes to outdoors and open flame?  Think you have what it takes to knock the socks off some geocacher judges?  Want to show off your favorite dish?  Put your favorite apron on and show your skills by entering your dish(es) into the Campout Cookoff!

Start cooking your meals at anytime, just make sure they are ready to serve by 5:30 PM.  We will have judges and we will let campers vote on a "people's choice" - so make sure there's enough to go 'round!

6:00PM - Deadline for turning in BINGO sheets!

You've mingled, you met cachers who have done amazing things, and you had them fill in the bingo sheet that was in your registration packet.  What's left to do? 

MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT SHEET TURNED IN!!!  After 6:00PM we will no longer be accepting the bingo sheets and will start putting together the big raffles and drawings while everyone is enjoying their Cookoff Meals.  Good luck!

6:30PM - Awards announcements begin (Cookoff, BINGO, and Scavenger Hunt)

Time to give out the awards.  We will be recognizing some cool scavenger hunters and some master camp chefs.  We will also be kicking off the prize drawings with the bingo prize winners!!

Sit tight, and get ready to win some cool stuff!

6:45PM - Kids Prize Giveaway

One of the signatures of the Grand Lake Campout has always been that we include the kiddos in the prizes.  We put a lot of effort into making sure every kiddo leaves with a cool prize, so make sure you let us know they will be attending! 

7:00PM - Giant Colosal Raffle of Awesomeness!!!!

We wrap up Saturday Night with the biggest raffle we can possibly throw together.  This campout wouldn't happen without all of the participants and support from geocachers and muggles alike.  We try to get everyone celebrating that by having a large spread of cool prizes to win.  With prizes such as geocaching containers, apparel, trackables, swag, large prizes like a GPSr, and much more; there is sure to be something to pique your interest. 

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Sunday August 2nd

7:00AM to 9:00AM - Pancake Breakfast

The traditional meal to wrap up a weekend of geocaching fun!  Your campground hosts are happy to put together a delicious pancake breakfast (with a breakfast meat or two) which is sure to perk you up. 

Grab a plate and wake up with your newest geocaching friends to start the final day on fun.

9:00AM-11:00AM - Tear Down & Clean Up of Campground (Group Site Closes at 11:00AM)

It is time to clean up the campground for the next guests.  Geocachers have always been commended for leaving the environment a little better than the way they found it, and this campground should be no exception!

Don't be too quick to head home after the cleanup, though - there is still one more activity in store....

12:00PM - CITO Event!

Description of CITO Goodness

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